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everything happens so much

give me attention, bye


i sang the full version now yay


i want to watch utena now 

i am so sorry


this could be us but u playin

Anonymous Asked:
hello I love you

My answer:

Boy, do I love chicken strips. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven and rub them in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way they feel running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum

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*hank hill voice* hehe… boy i tell you what… propane is god’s gift to man…sometimes i like to get naked as a jay bird and bathe in it then run around the neighborhood just to irritate kahn

i would like to weed out the weak and the offended so that one day i may return to this blog


things i like about being rly gay

  • never having to buy condoms
  • sleepovers without ppl thinking u gonna frick frack even if u are
  • no babies
  • girls r very cute and soft
  • neither of you give a shit if the other shaves 
  • sharing clothes
  • eat lots of food and get fat?? who care. we can be fat together
  • knowing exactly where to touch without needing instruction manual
  • everything else

things i hate about being rly gay

  • too many people are assholes about it

wha t the FUCK

i'm carrie and i'm 22 and this is my blog i'm a loser that likes madoka magica, dangan ronpa, homestuck, yugioh, and making stupid text posts.

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